Contents # 2 2010

Cover story:
«Disputes Related to Land Plots Circulation»


O.M. Sviridenko Текст статьи
«Interaction between district courts allows to reduce the court load»

About the court

Arbitration Court of Moscow Текст статьи

Analysis of Practices of Moscow District Courts

Certain provisions of the Review of legal investigation practices of Moscow District Federal Arbitration Court in respect of cases related to administration of land legislation Текст статьи 27
9th Arbitration Court of Appeal. Disputes on acquiring rights in land plots (with buildings, structures and facilities located thereon) in state or municipal ownership Текст статьи 43
10th Arbitration Court of Appeal. Practices of resolving disputes related to rights in land plots Текст статьи 65

Topical interview

Ye.A. Zvereva Текст статьи
«Assistants are the gold reserves of our judicial system»

Analytics: Disputes related to land plots circulation

O.A. Zharkova
Enforcement of the Exclusive Right for Land Plot Privatization
T.G. Ivanova
Problems of Protecting Interested Parties’ Rights at Land Plot Division in the Territory of a Settlement
V.V. Petrova
Disputes arising out of land relations: practice in the application of clause 1 of Article 36 of the RF Land Code
Zh.P. Borsova
Legal Regulation of Agreeing the Borders during Land Management

Analytics: Free Tribune

Ye.A. Zvereva
Legal Status of Information in View of the Concept of Civil Legislation Development
A.I. Alekseev
Principle of caveat emptor and prospects of application of legal due diligence in real estate purchase in Russia

Arbitration Procedure Code Application Practices

A.L. Novoselov Текст статьи
Review of Sessions of the Work Group on Application of the RF Arbitration Procedure Code
S.V. Krol Текст статьи
Problems of legal investigation in the court of appeal (comments to Ruling No. 3696, dated 28.05.2009 of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation)
D.V. Kamenetskiy, O.A. Ignatieva, V.M. Zyriankin Текст статьи
Presentation of Additional Evidence to Arbitration Court of Appeal

Scientific Advisory Board

Shotgun interview of the Head of the Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow District V.B. Adamova based on the results of the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board 174
Interview of the Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service I.Yu. Artemiev devoted to the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow District 178
Minutes No. 2 of the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow District 184

Court persons

S.V. Alekseev Текст статьи
«A judge must be able to empathize»
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