Contents # 3 2010

Cover story:
«Cassation: Results and Prospects»


A.A. Ivanov Текст статьи
«Practice becomes common in the course of every-day work of each judge»
V.B. Adamova Текст статьи
«Court of cassation became an integral element of the arbitration system»

Analysis of Practices of Moscow District Courts

R.V. Bogdanov Текст статьи
Practice of Application of clause 3 of Article 286 of the RF Arbitration Procedure Code

First judges — beginning

M.R. Agapov Текст статьи 47
E.N. Nagornaya Текст статьи 50
A.L. Novoselov Текст статьи 53
T.V. Fedoseeva Текст статьи 57

Honored lawyers

A.M. Gubin 62
Ye.A. Zvereva 64
V.A. Letiagina 66
N.A. Shurshalova 68
I.A. Teterkin 70

Judges in honorable discharge

I.I. Sulimov Текст статьи 72
Discharged judges of Moscow District Federal Arbitration Court 78

How to become a judge?


Arbitration Procedure Code Application Practice

V.V. Petrova Текст статьи
Practice of Applying Clause 3 of Article 288 of the RF Arbitration Procedure Code

Analytics: Court of Cassation

V.V. Blazheyev
Cassation Proceedings in Procedural Mechanism of Reviewing Judicial Acts of Arbitration Courts
B.Ya. Polonskiy
Creating instance
Ye.A. Borisova
Examination of Cases on Award of Compensation for Violation of the Right to Legal Proceedings or Execution of a Judicial Act within Reasonable Time
K.I. Sklovskiy
Justice of cassation courts

Court persons

M.V. Aleksandrova Текст статьи
«Priorities are determined based on the tasks of the judicial system development»
Ye.A. RoshchinaТекст статьи
«Information technology brought litigation to a new level»
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