Contents # 1 2011

Cover story:

Interview of the issue

V.L. Slesarev Текст статьи
«Qualifying a claim the court does not help any party, but the contributes to the legality and court practice»
O.A. Kozlova Текст статьи
« Present insurance legislation satisfies requirements of subjects of civil turnover »

About the court

Results of work of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District in 2010 Текст статьи
Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region Текст статьи

Analysis of the practice of courts of the Moscow district

Certain issues of the practice of settlement of disputes associated with application of the Law on OSAGO Текст статьи
E.A. Petrova Текст статьи
Comments to the overview “Certain matters of the practice of settlement of disputes associated with application of the Law on OSAGO (compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance)”

Analytics: insurance

S.V. Dedikov
The institute of abandon in the area of general civil insurance
A.A. Solovyev
Consideration by arbitration courts of disputes arising from elations under OSAGO (compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance): tendencies and prospects
V.M. Bartosh
Particularities of compulsory state insurance in relation to conditionally insured persons
V.V. Rassokhin
Problems of legal regulation of compulsory insurance of civil liability
M.M. Emelyanov, E.V. Zaychenko
Disputes on invalidity of insurance contracts
I.N. Aksenov
Impossibility of application of subrogation at insurance of liability: economic and legal aspects
M.L. Krasnobaeva
Problems of insurance of pledged property

Analytics: free tribune

K.A. Korsik
Evidentiary meaning of notarized documents in Russian civil proceedings
L.N. Klochenko, M.A. Kondrashkova
Agreements between insurance and credit organizations: legal regulation, limits of admissibility and law enforcement practice

Practice of application of the Code of Arbitration Procedure

Amendments to the CAO of RF in November: are there any problems in law enforcement? Текст статьи

Court personalities

A.I. Strelnikov Текст статьи
«It is difficult to make a party to be absolutely fair if it has the target to win the process »
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